Customised course for Unmarried / Married with the history
Blood pressure / Diabites / some other medical history with history
of Early discharge, Less hardness, Lack of vigor weakness of the veins,
Softening of organ during intercourse or soon after intercourse.
Cost : 33000.00 INR FOR 4 MONTH
a) Improved erection strength
b) Improved erection hardness
c) Better Vigor
d) Better time in Ejaculation (Over coming Premature Ejaculation )
e) Heaviness in the Organ (Growth Stage One)
f) Increase in Length
g) Increase in Girth
h) Overcomes the weakness of the veins
i) Treats the problems of softening of organ during intercourse
j) Treats the problems of softening of organ soon after the discharge
k) Straightens curved penis
l) Improves confidence and self-esteem.



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